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November 30th, 1999

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This homepage was written by Tori, Puyo, and Mai since 20020202. Please respect the artists by not stealing their works.

This page is best view under IE 4.0 or up. Resolution 1024*786. Any size bigger should be OK, too. This page hasn’t been checked under other browser beside IE and Firefox, so please report if you have any difficulties viewing.

To contact any of us, please try to leave us a message in guest / pbbs, or write us an email (email addresses can be found under webmasters’ profiles.) Thanks a lot!! Enjoy your stay!

Thank you Chihaya for hosting 551094!


MAI / 83. 5.10 /
like: WJ, KakaIru, Cat, RO/
dislike: Copycat, Stress, Swearing / /
iRO: @ chaos - acecad

PUYO / 82.8.14 /
like: WJ, RO, SFC, NDS/
dislike: Pop-up, Junk-mails / / 26137848
iRO: @ chaos - pura

TORI / 81.8.30 /
like: Harry Potter, LOTR, Rock and Punk/
dislike: Human-beings, Pop music /
iRO: @ chaos - blackjellyfish

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